WEB3 connected with real life
Digital based project of yachts and nautical property assets
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Total supply: 1 000 000 CYC
No presale
50% tokens gone to liquidity
Project futures
Buy back
Liquidity increasing
Listing DEX and CEX
Token address: 0x06EFF47D6de5281fC05CEfBA685a71F1a0a36d9F
Pool: Pancake Swap
About CYC
Crypto Yacht Club is a crypto and nautical assets management project. CYC aims to provide holders discount and referral bonus for nautical services, create protocol of nautical assets tokenization and provide different risk/return matrix out of a single main fund.

Audited by Tech Audit
Usability of token? What the benefits?
Hey, you can:
  • HOLD
  • As a token holder get discount for services and goods of our partners
  • Be liquidity provider for get profit from trade fees
  • Buy services and goods from our partner who accept CYC and get cash back in CYC token
Why price for CYC will grow?
It is simple. CYC reflect the state of our project. We will add 90% of tokens to liquidity. Which is mean most of the tokens in free circulation. In our plans making constantly buy back and hold as ordinary user, making annual burn and reinvest into liquidity.We did not make any airdrop, uncontrolled mint, any presale. All potential users has a equal conditions from beginning as we are.
Our mission

In the modern world, owning a real asset is a real headache with obligations and encumbrances, the need for constant attention. We want to connect the real and virtual worlds. Now it is not necessary to buy the whole yacht, spend a huge amount of time on it, invest into yacht business with permanent monitoring of company acitivities and taking part in their life, now it is enough to be part of the CLUB, which will make it possible to own part of the boat or several boats, or business, earn money, go on yachts around the world. The freedom of movement on yachts and the freedom of the crypto world are very similar, we offer you a symbiosis of the freedom of two worlds.

Unique Solution

Bridges the virtual economy with the physical world and gives rise to incredible capabilities in the realm of finance, commerce and even our quality of life.

Real community
Real yachts
Real economy
Web page
Social network
Liquidity formation
Partnership and collaboration
Buy back
CEX and DEX listing
Create NFT collection
Use NFT as a digital passport
Tokenization protocol
A - Liquidity
B - Team and operations
C - Advisors, legal & tax
D - Partnership and community rewards
E - Bounties and airdrop
Project features
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
As company who connecting real and crypto life we showing online our portfolio. All assets working for CYC token holders and profit from stacking and speculation going to buy back and reinvest of CYC. You can check how we operate by crypto assets on DeBank.
Investment in real life
We have a plan to use CYC token and other assets for investment into real business such as: yachts and boats resale, yacht equipment resale, yacht transfer, promotion of nautical activity, yacht repair and management. All this investments will come back to CYC within strict time. Detailed cases coming soon.
Involving more people in to crypto
Cash back system with CYC token by our partners will encourage ppl use crypto for getting benefits in real life.
Tokenization of nautical assest
Our main goal bring more transparency, freedom, trust and opportunities into nautical sector. Crypto ideal instrument for bring innovation and indicated above benefits into nautical sector. Tokenization of nautical assets via digital passport (NFT) and oracles will bring cooperation of people on new level.
Who We Are
International team who inspired by yachts and sea
Sales department
Co-Founder (Education, Agency, Delivery - activity)
Co-Founder & Junior Dev
Legal department and research
Our company Fordewind d.o.o. based in Croatia, Split. We love yachts and running operating business in biggest yacht charter region. We open and ready for business cooperation, our partners know us and trust us.
Fordewind do.o.
Putnica 7, Marina Punat, Punat, Krk, Croatia
Email: fender@crypto-yacht.club
We are open sometimes :)
Our Partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.
Our portfolio
Actual questions from community
Max supply
We chose 1 000 000 CYC during token creation and will not mint more tokens in future
Liquidity lock
After formation of enough liquidity we will thinking about lock. Right now, for more flexibility we decide to leave it unlocked. And we understand about "rug" risk, but you know where to find us )))
How to buy CYC token
Right now we are listed only on DEX Pancake Swap, soon token will be available on more exchanges.